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On the occasion of remembering the turning gate full movie. Construire sa maison sur un radier ou sur un vide sanitaire ?

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On the Occasion of Remembering the Turning Gate - Wikipedia

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Actor Gyung-soo Kim Sang-kyung is passed over for a part and decides to leave Seoul and visit a friend. His friend tells him the legend of the "Turning Gate," which foreshadows future events. During his visit, Gyung-soo meets Myung-sook Ye Ji-won , a girl who quickly falls for him. After a night of passion, he boards the train back for Seoul and meets a married woman who claims to know him. Gyung-soo thinks he may be in love with her, but perhaps he's chosen the wrong woman. Is it the remembering of the story of the Turning Gate that leads to reenacting it, and if so, is it remembering the whole first half of the film that leads to inverting it?