Semen on mouth. Construire sa maison sur un radier ou sur un vide sanitaire ? - Construire facile

Semen on mouth. Construire sa maison sur un radier ou sur un vide sanitaire ?

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The Situation: Your friend loves sex—but she's not exactly tied down to one guy, and even when she is, one fact remains constant: She loves giving oral, and she always swallows. No shame in that, you think—to each her own. But what about all that man juice? The Reality: Semen is made up of the same harmless nutrients, minerals, and sugars that you probably eat every day—stuff like vitamin C, potassium, calcium, and fructose. Sperm cells actually account for a very small portion of semen. Still, it can't replace your peanut butter protein shake: A man only produces about a teaspoon of semen per orgasm, and that's not nearly enough to provide any health benefits—even if you're getting it daily.