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Running scared thong. Running Scared (Roy Orbison song)

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Riddled with graphic scenes depicting hockey-puck torture and naked actors having sex on top of washing machines, the controversial crime thriller "Running Scared" is a long way from your typical Paul Walker movie. Looking back on the movie now, the affable Southern California heartthrob admits that even he isn't sure he likes the character he plays — and that's precisely why he took on the role. He does a lot of really dark, very questionable things and doesn't appear to be the nicest guy, but I think he's all justified. He's very loyal to his family, and if things were to get heavy and you found yourself in a lot of trouble, he'd be the type of guy you'd want to have as a friend. The fast-paced flick begins with Gazelle desperately needing some friends of his own after a weapon used in a botched mob hit goes missing. When Joey's son first-time actor Alex Neuberger and his best friend Oleg Cameron Bright, "Birth" vanish along with the gun, he sets out on a mission to recover them before a Tarantino-esque stable of local cops, mobsters and street thugs introduce him to their weaponry. For co-star Vera Farmiga, cast as Joey's no-nonsense wife Teresa, the ultra-violent movie similarly represented a chance to get away from reality.