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Although Angela Aames stands atop the busty bevy of beauties who shared their bodacious bosoms with the entire world in the slew of sex comedies that defined the late '70s and '80s, she started out "innocently" enough in Fairy Tales as Little Bo Peep. Let's just put it this way: Little Bo Peek didn't lose her sheep. As Linda 'Boom-Boom' Bang, this stupendous, sumptuous, and supple act-chest entertained the enthralled throngs of salivating teenage drive-in goers with a whole tit-load of bouncing breasts. While she may have shed her clothing in other flicks, H. Angela's warmhearted, lovable quality always came through in her performances, which helped her fans see past her enormous jugs to sense the heart of gold that beat beneath. Her portrayal of the quintessential, gullible, big-boobied blonde in All the Marbles defined forever a very much copied stereotype.