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Jahr zum Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten - und Serien.

The Honeymooners

The Honeymooners (englisch für Flitterwöchner) war eine amerikanische Comedy-Sketch-Show der er Jahre. Die Show spielte fünfzehn Jahre nach der. The Honeymooners ein Film von John Schultz mit Cedric The Entertainer, Mike Epps. Inhaltsangabe: "Träume groß, plane größer!" Streng seinem Motto folgend,​. The Honeymooners. (5)1 Std. 25 Min Eigentlich ist Ralph Kamden ein ganz gewöhnlicher New Yorker Busfahrer. Doch wenn er seinen Job getan hat.

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The Honeymooners war eine amerikanische Comedy-Sketch-Show der er Jahre. Die Show spielte fünfzehn Jahre nach der großen Depression in Brooklyn, New York, an der Chauncey Street, Bensonhurst. In einem Mietshaus leben dort die befreundeten. The Honeymooners (englisch für Flitterwöchner) war eine amerikanische Comedy-Sketch-Show der er Jahre. Die Show spielte fünfzehn Jahre nach der. Honeymooners (Originaltitel: The Honeymooners) ist eine US-amerikanische Filmkomödie aus dem Jahr Regie führte John Schultz; das Drehbuch. The Honeymooners: Chauncey Street, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn New York, fünfzehn Jahre nach der großen Depression. In einem Mietshaus leben die. The Honeymooners ein Film von John Schultz mit Cedric The Entertainer, Mike Epps. Inhaltsangabe: "Träume groß, plane größer!" Streng seinem Motto folgend,​. The Honeymooners. (5)1 Std. 25 Min Eigentlich ist Ralph Kamden ein ganz gewöhnlicher New Yorker Busfahrer. Doch wenn er seinen Job getan hat. - Kaufen Sie The Honeymooners günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer.

The Honeymooners - Kaufen Sie The Honeymooners günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu einer. Szenenbilder aus "The Honeymooners": Der New Yorker Busfahrer Ralph (​Cedric the Entertainer) sieht sich als Spezialist darin, ohne viel Arbeit an viel Geld zu. Eine der beliebtesten TV-Sitcoms kommt auf die Leinwand, mit Cedric the Entertainer in der herausragenden Rolle des New Yorker Busfahrers Ralph Kramden.

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Allerdings ist selbst das selten von wirklichem Erfolg gekrönt und so schaut seine Frau Alice Gabrielle Union ihrem Gatten missmutig dabei zu, wie er ihr Erspartes für unsinnige Dinge auf den Kopf haut. Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler. Ähnliche Filme. Ultimately, Sterritt shows that the program's treatment of race, class, and gender was a revealing mirror of its time and that its Die Toten Von Turin Stream, aesthetic qualities, and plot devices were more complex and sophisticated than they may have seemed. David Sterritt investigates "The Honeymooners" as an enduring and valuable index of societal norms and televisual tastes in the s - a project made all the more Das Adlon by the diverse ways in which "The Honeymooners" both reaffirms and diverges from the typical broadcast idioms of its day. Regina Hall Trixie Norton. Genres Komödie. Seitenverhältnis . Eine der beliebtesten TV-Sitcoms kommt auf die Leinwand, mit Cedric the Entertainer in der herausragenden Rolle des New Yorker Busfahrers Ralph Kramden. The Honeymooners (ISBN ) vorbestellen. Lieferung direkt nach Erscheinen - The Honeymooners "Classic 39," Vol. 4: The $ Answer & On Stage [VHS]: Jackie Gleason, Art Carney, Audrey Meadows, Joyce Randolph. Szenenbilder aus "The Honeymooners": Der New Yorker Busfahrer Ralph (​Cedric the Entertainer) sieht sich als Spezialist darin, ohne viel Arbeit an viel Geld zu.

In most episodes, Ed is shown to be better-read, better-liked, more worldly and more even-tempered than Ralph, despite his unassuming manner and the fact that he usually lets Ralph take the lead in their escapades.

Ed and Ralph both are members of the fictional Raccoon Lodge. An Executive Meeting, that's a poker game. Bill money to pay for typing school, but felt he was unable to work in an office because he hated working in confined spaces.

The relatively few scenes set in the Norton apartment showed it to have the same layout as the Kramdens' but more nicely furnished. Like Ralph, Ed enjoys and is good at bowling and playing pool.

Ed is the inspiration for Barney Rubble in The Flintstones. Played most famously by Joyce Randolph ; Ed's wife and Alice's best friend. She did not appear in every episode and had a less developed character, though she is shown to be somewhat bossy toward her husband.

In one episode, she surprisingly is depicted as a pool hustler. On another episode, Ralph insults Trixie by making a reference to Minsky's a famous New York City burlesque theater; the original Trixie character was an ex-burlesque dancer.

There are a few references to Trixie's burlesque background in the lost episodes e. It was her costume! Randolph played Trixie as an ordinary, rather prudish, housewife, complaining to her husband on one occasion when a "fresh" young store clerk called her "sweetie pie.

The ex-dancer character was rewritten and recast after just one episode with the more wholesome looking Randolph playing the character as a housewife.

Some of the actors who appeared multiple times on the show include George O. Manicotti, and Cliff Hall as the Raccoon Lodge president.

On another episode, Ed Norton makes a reference to a co-worker "Nat Birnbaum" as in "'nat," a three-letter word for bug," says crossword puzzle aficionado Norton.

George Burns 's real name was Nathan Birnbaum. The landlord of the apartment house is Mr. In the Honeymooners episodes taped from to , the address of the apartment house changed to Chauncey Street, and the number of the Kramden apartment is 3B.

The actual Chauncey Street is located in the Stuyvesant Heights section of the borough, approximately eight miles northeast of the show's fictional location.

Most of The Honeymooners takes place in Ralph and Alice Kramden's small, sparsely furnished two-room apartment. Other settings used in the show included the Gotham Bus Company depot, the Raccoon Lodge, a neighborhood pool parlor, a park bench where Ralph and Ed occasionally meet for lunch, and on occasion the Nortons' apartment always noticeably better-furnished than the Kramdens'.

Many episodes begin with a shot of Alice in the apartment awaiting Ralph's arrival from work. Most episodes focus on Ralph's and Ed's characters, although Alice played a substantial role.

Trixie played a smaller role in the series, and did not appear in every episode as did the other three. Each episode presented a self-contained story, which rarely carried over into a subsequent one.

As to the occasional plot continuations, there were two such sequences—one concerning Ralph being sent to a psychiatrist because of "impatient" behavior during work that resulted in several passengers lodging complaints about his professional demeanor, and one that continued for two sequential shows in which Aunt Ethel visited and Ralph hatched a scheme to marry her off to the neighborhood butcher.

The series presents Ralph as an everyman and an underdog who struggles to make a better life for himself and his wife, but who ultimately fails due to his own shortcomings.

He, often along with Ed, devises a number of get-rich-quick schemes, none of which succeed. Ralph would be quick to blame others for his misfortune until it was pointed out to him where he had fallen short.

Ralph's anger then would be replaced by short-lived remorse, and he would apologize for his actions. Many of these apologies to Alice ended with Ralph saying in a heartfelt manner, "Baby, you're the greatest," followed by a hug and kiss.

In most episodes, Ralph's short temper got the best of him, leading him to yell at others and to threaten comical physical violence, usually against Alice.

Ralph's favorite threats to her were "One of these days One of these days For the "Classic 39" episodes of The Honeymooners , there was no continuing story arc.

Each episode is self-contained. By the next week's show, the set is gone although in later episodes a set is shown in the Nortons' apartment.

In the installment "The Baby Sitter," the Kramdens get a telephone, but in the next episode it is gone. But, in the end, Ralph finds himself growing to love the dog and decides to keep it along with a few other dogs.

However, in the next episode, the dogs are nowhere to be seen and are never referred to again. Occasionally, references to earlier episodes were made, including to Ralph's various "crazy harebrained schemes" from the lost episodes.

After the first year, he and his writers Harry Crane and Joe Bigelow [20] [21] developed a sketch that drew upon familiar domestic situations for its material.

Based on the popular radio show The Bickersons , Gleason wanted a realistic portrayal of life for a poor husband and wife living in Brooklyn , his home borough.

The couple would continually argue, but ultimately show their love for each other. The tone of these early sketches was much darker than the later series, with Ralph exhibiting extreme bitterness and frustration with his marriage to an equally bitter and argumentative middle-aged woman Kelton was nine years older than Gleason.

The Kramdens' financial struggles mirrored those of Gleason's early life in Brooklyn, and he took great pains to duplicate on set the interior of the apartment where he grew up right down to his boyhood address of Chauncey Street.

Ralph and Alice did legally adopt a baby girl whom they named Ralphina because he actually wanted a baby boy he could name after himself but fell in love with the baby girl the agency had placed with them.

However, the biological mother requested to have her baby returned, and the agency asked whether the Kramdens would be willing to do so even though they were the legal parents.

Ralph agreed and stated that they would visit her and she would have a real-life Santa Claus every Christmas.

A few later skits had Ralph mistakenly believe for a while that Alice was pregnant. Early cast additions in later sketches were upstairs neighbors Ed and Trixie Norton.

Ed Carney was a sewer worker and Ralph's best friend, although his innocent and guileless nature was the source of many arguments between the two.

Trixie maiden name never mentioned , Ed's wife, originally portrayed by Elaine Stritch as a burlesque dancer but was replaced after just one appearance by the more wholesome looking Joyce Randolph.

Trixie is a foil to Ed, just as Alice is for Ralph, but derivatively, and almost always off-screen. Due in part to the colorful array of characters Gleason invented including the cast of The Honeymooners , Cavalcade of Stars became a huge success for DuMont.

It increased its audience share from nine to 25 percent. Gleason's contract with DuMont expired in the summer of , and the financially struggling network which suffered through ten layoffs from July through October was unable to re-sign him so he moved on to CBS.

CBS president William S. Paley in July made sure the cast of the former DuMont ensemble that was becoming The Jackie Gleason Show embarked on a highly successful five-week promotional tour across the United States, performing a variety of musical numbers and sketches including the popular "Honeymooners".

However, actress Pert Kelton who played Alice Kramden and other roles, was blacklisted at the time and was replaced on the tour by Beulah actress Ginger Jones, who subsequently also was blacklisted having earlier been named on the Red Channels blacklist by CBS.

All this political maneuvering meant yet another new Alice was needed. Jones's replacement was Audrey Meadows , known for her work in the Broadway musical Top Banana and on the Bob and Ray television show.

However, before being cast for CBS, Meadows had to overcome Gleason's reservations about her being too attractive to make a credible Alice.

To accomplish this, she hired a photographer to come to her apartment early in the morning and take pictures of her wearing no make-up , clad in a torn housecoat, and with her hair undone.

The rising popularity of The Honeymooners was reflected in its increasing prominence of the sketches as part of The Jackie Gleason Show variety lineup.

During the first season, it appeared on a regular basis although not weekly as a series of short sketches ranging in length from seven to thirteen minutes.

For the —54 season, the shorter sketches were outnumbered by ones that ran for a half-hour or longer. Playing off its growing popularity, during the —55 season most episodes of The Jackie Gleason Show consisted entirely of The Honeymooners.

Fan response became overwhelming. Meadows received hundreds of curtains and aprons in the mail from fans who wanted to help Alice lead a fancier life.

Audience members lined up around the block hours in advance to attend the show. The "Classic 39" episodes of The Honeymooners are the ones that originally aired as a weekly half-hour sitcom on CBS from October to September It called for Gleason to produce 78 filmed episodes of The Honeymooners over two seasons, with an option for a third season of 39 more.

Her brother Edward, a lawyer, had inserted language to that effect into her contract. The first episode of the new half-hour series aired on Saturday, October 1, , at 8.

Because it was sponsored by Buick, the opening credits originally ended with a sponsor identification by announcer Jack Lescoulie "Brought to you by And, away we go!

However, all references to the carmaker were removed when the show entered syndication in , [23] although "And, away we go! The initial critical reaction to the half-hour sitcom Honeymooners was mixed.

But TV Guide praised it as "rollicking," "slapsticky" and "fast-paced. So, after just one season, Gleason and CBS agreed to cancel The Honeymooners , which aired its 39th and last original episode on September 22, In , many television shows including The Jackie Gleason Show were performed live and recorded using kinescope technology, though sitcoms already largely were recorded on film, e.

I Love Lucy , which was recorded directly onto 35mm film , had influenced television production companies to produce directly on film.

For The Honeymooners , Gleason utilized the Electronicam TV-film system, developed by DuMont in the early s, which allowed for a live performance to be directly captured on film.

As a result of the superior picture and sound quality afforded by the system, episodes of The Honeymooners were much more suitable for rebroadcast than were most other "live" shows of the era.

Episodes were never fully rehearsed because Gleason felt rehearsals would rob the show of its spontaneity. A result was that, while the cast was able to bring a fresh approach to the material, mistakes often were made.

Lines either were recited incorrectly or altogether forgotten, and actors did not always follow the scripted action directions. To compensate, the cast developed visual cues for each other.

For example, Gleason patted his stomach when he forgot a line, while Meadows would glance at the icebox when someone else was supposed to retrieve something from it.

In contrast to other popular comedies of the era such as Father Knows Best , Leave It to Beaver , and The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet , which depicted their characters in comfortable, middle class suburban environments, Richard Rychtarik 's set design for The Honeymooners reflected the blue collar existence of its characters.

The Kramdens lived in a small, painfully sparsely furnished two-room apartment the main set in a tenement building at least four stories high the Kramdens were on the third floor and the Nortons' were one floor above them , badly aired and with insufficient lighting.

They used the single main room as the kitchen , dining and living room. It consisted of a functional table and chairs, a plain chest of drawers, a curtainless window with a view of a fire escape , a noisy sink, and an outdated icebox.

The Kramdens' bedroom never was seen, although in the episode about Ed Norton's sleepwalking the Nortons' bedroom is. Riley on the radio show, thereafter took over the role on television.

The instrumental theme song for The Honeymooners , called "You're My Greatest Love," was composed by Gleason and performed by an orchestra led by Ray Bloch—who previously had been the orchestra leader on Gleason's variety show, as well as The Ed Sullivan Show.

Although lyrics were composed, they were never sung. Sammy Spear, who later became Gleason's musical director, provided the arrangement.

For the non-sponsored syndicated version, the introduction was voiced by CBS staff announcer Gaylord Avery. The "Honeymooners" sketches soon were brought back as part of the revived variety show.

After the spectacular failure of Gleason's game show You're in the Picture , and the relative success of the eight-episode talk show that Gleason used to fill its time slot, Gleason's variety show returned in under the title Jackie Gleason and His American Scene Magazine.

The "Honeymooners" sketches returned as part of that show whenever Carney was available. In January , Meadows again returned as Alice for a musical special, The Honeymooners: The Adoption , a re-enactment of a sketch of the same name.

When The Jackie Gleason Show , by then based in Gleason's home town, Miami Beach, Florida , returned in , the "Honeymooners" sketches, in color for the first time, incredibly returned as a series of elaborate musicals that, in effect, were the equivalent of a new Broadway musical each time.

The sketches, which covered 10 of the first season's thirty-two shows, followed a story arc that had the Kramdens and Nortons traveling across Europe after Ralph won a contest an updated version of a story arc , with musical numbers added.

Gleason raised no objections to that recasting but was adamant that the Ed Norton role never be played by anyone other than Art Carney. One notable segment featured the return of Pert Kelton in one of her last performances before her death in of heart disease at the age of 61 , but this time she played Alice's mother, Mrs.

The Honeymooners ended again when The Jackie Gleason Show was canceled in , the result of a disagreement in direction between Gleason and the network.

Gleason wanted to continue interspersing "The Honeymooners" within the confines of his regular variety show, while CBS wanted a full-hour "Honeymooners" every week.

CBS's ongoing effort to move its product toward younger audiences and away from established variety show stars was another potential factor in the show's demise.

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Won 1 Primetime Emmy. Edit Cast Complete series cast summary: Jackie Gleason This was really hard to rate for me.

However, after that mark something felt so unbalanced and I disliked the way some issues were dealt with alongside some dynamics.

Yes, it was unrealistic and the story arcs that were created have been done before, but that still did not take away from how effortless it felt to sink into Olive and Ethan's story.

I'm glad the story had no obvious insta-love aspects but during the last quarter there were some cringey lines that felt uncomfortably close.

The Romance All this book really left me with was a strong desire to go pick up more Christina Lauren books. Not very many romance contemporaries can do that for me, so that was really refreshing.

The romance between Olive and Ethan was electric, it sparked and flew off the page. I could feel their hate but I could also feel how slowly they dissolved into each others company.

I really enjoyed that Olive is a strong woman that learns her self-worth and sticks up for her curves throughout the story. So all in all the romance was charming.

Once the book neared the second half, I could feel my rating drop slightly. I was initially going to give this 4 stars but knew that wouldnt be true to what I thought of the story as a whole.

During the end, I started being very cautious about the way that Olive and Ethan solved their problems. With no spoilers, they didn't really solve their problems.

Then when a couple chapters passed, there was a massive reveal that I felt needed a bigger reaction from Ethan. With that being said, I loved the family dynamic and the friendship involved with Olive and her relatives.

It didn't feel like it was a filler, it felt like it belonged and made the story all the more delightful. But still, I need more girls to stand up for girls this I really enjoyed this story and definitely will read more of the authors' works.

View all 80 comments. Shelves: chick-lit , reviewed , unpopular-opinion , 2-and-a-half-stars , eh , non-ya. Here are two true statements about me: 1 While I have never actually liked a Christina Lauren book, I really want to, and I keep trying to.

In my opinion, that is. Because for reasons unknown I love The Hating Game. I mean. Just a misunderstanding. Essentially The Hating Game.

Not only was I not charmed by this book, not only did I not find the romance believable, but In spite of the fact that, supposedly, they both love her in respective once-in-a-lifetime level bonds.

Because drama. One of the first things we learn about her after the first round of the countless descriptions of her sexy curvy body is that she genuinely enjoys her career path and is good at it.

But for some reason Am I an emotionless robot for not understanding that? Olive gets fired for a reason solely related to her personal life, which makes no sense.

Where are we. But worst of all Bottom line: Will I keep reading Christina Lauren books? Feb 12, Gabby rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-star-books , arc-or-won-or-received , books-to-reread-in-the-future , cover-lust , contemporary , romance , new-adult , all-time-favorites , read-in , favorite-female-characters.

So, I just reread this book and it was just as great the second time and I noticed more things that I love about it.

Yes, I read this book twice within one year and yes it still makes me smile and giggle and feel all the warm fuzzies. I adore Olive and Ethan so much and I'm a huge fan of the trope when a pessimistic person gets paired with an optimist, and I think I love this book especially because Olive is more of a pessimist, realist personality whereas Ethan is the optimist.

I feel like it's So, I just reread this book and it was just as great the second time and I noticed more things that I love about it.

I feel like it's so rare in romance novels to see the female being the more negative one because usually the females are always trying to make the males more optimistic but in this book it's really opposite, which is why I relate to Olive so much because I tend to be such a pessimist myself so I just really relate to her character, and her close relationship with her twin sister is also something I strongly relate to.

I just adore this book so hard and I think it's something I want to reread every now and then because it makes me so damn happy.

I think I honestly have a new favorite from them. This one or Autoboyography is my favorite book from this author now, ahhh. This is an adorable rom-com that follows this girl named Olive who is chronically unlucky, and her twin sister Ami who is absurdly lucky.

Ami is marrying this guy named Dane and Olive can't stand Dane's brother Ethan. At Ami and Dane's wedding, the entire wedding party gets food poisoning except for Olive and Ethan who didn't eat the fish, so Ami tells Olive to take her nonrefundable honeymoon trip to Hawaii and Dane tells his brother Ethan to take the trip: so Ethan and Olive take the trip to Hawaii together.

I am absolute trash for the fake dating trope I just love it so much and this book does it sooooo well.

It's been along time since a romance novel has made me so giddy. I just adore the hell out of Olive and Ethan both, and this book reminded me of one of my all time favorite romances: The Hating Game because their banter is so on point.

Like for real, this is one of the funniest fucking books I've ever read , I giggled out loud many times, and I devoured this story is two sittings.

I could not put it down. Their chemistry is so contagious, I was grinning form ear to ear the entire time I was reading this.

This story would make for the perfect rom-com beachy movie. I could picture it all in my head so vividly.

I love Olive's mexican family which reminded me so much of my own. I love her relationship with her twin sister Ami, they were totally adorbs.

I also loved how her parents have been separated for so long but never divorced, and her gay cousin Diego. The closeness of their family and the way they supported each other through everything just reminded me so much of my own family and it was just really sweet.

Also, Olive's unlucky streak was entertaining as hell and she has some really great stories about unlucky things that have happened to her I was cackling.

I tend to be more of a pessimistic person too like Olive so I found her general attitude towards life really relatable.

Ethan is my favorite kind of male love interest : he's strong but soft and he seems so rough around the edges but once you get to know him he's a total softy, and he's a cute drunk and he wants to see the best in people and he respects women and he's crazy passionate about his nerdy job and I just adored the shit out of him.

I just loved this so so so so much. I just want to run around recommending this book to everyone and I want to reread it immediately upon finishing it which is always a good sign.

Don't skip this one in May! Book 1 of the Contemporary-a-thon is complete! Jun 19, Samantha rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , favorites Enemies to lovers.

Fake dating. Bickering couple. Thanks I love it. View all 3 comments. Shelves: from-publisher , netgalley.

Seriously, I can't remember the last time an author consistently made me chortle so hard or forced me to sustain multiple gut busters in a row.

Last time I checked, we could all use a few more good vibes all over the world, and if you're looking for another feel good time, "When I signed up for this honeymoon, I had no idea it would involve so much nudity.

Last time I checked, we could all use a few more good vibes all over the world, and if you're looking for another feel good time, this is your stop.

Get off the TBR bus right now; hurry or you'll miss it! I immediately connected with Olive and her plight to fight the system that forces prejudice against the curvy girl.

Seriously, a female lead who not only inhales cheese curds at the fair and makes no apologies for it, but also holds anyone accountable who tries to fat shame her?

This girl is my hero. Olive and Ethan are the "unlikeliest couple" ever, which means of course they have to get together, because this is my all time favorite trope.

Let's give a standing ovation for the enemies-to-lovers plot! But Chelsea, isn't there some underlying reason why he's coming across as such a shallow turd muncher you ask?

Obviously, but we'll get there in due time. This pair contains the only two people at Olive's sister's wedding who didn't come down with an unfortunate, fancy case of food poisoning.

Sister Amy insists that Olive take the non-refundable, all inclusive honeymoon to Hawaii, while brother Dane insists that Ethan takes it.

Even though Olive and Ethan despise each other, they are both stubborn as an ox and refuse to let the other have all the fun, so they agree to commit fraud and enjoy a free vacation while spending as little time as possible around each other.

We all know how this story goes, and I think one of the reasons I pick up these books is for the familiarity and predictability they provide.

Even if everything in my life is going haywire, I can count on these two people going through the motions to hit me right in the feels where I need it most.

The shower changing scene, anyone? While the plot seemed a little less zany and more believable than Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating , I felt the snappy dialogue and witty humor was most on point with that previous story than some of their others.

Hope your marriage is still going strong Miss Jamie, and if not, I apologize for bringing it up here. While I understand that this is fiction, I felt conflicted about how the book ended.

Once Olive and Ethan return from the "honeymoon" and insert themselves into real life mode, they have some issues that they have to deal with involving family members on both sides.

On the one hand, I love how we see Olive grow as a person, taking ownership for her shortcomings and choices in life, and becoming ok with who she is and finding who she wants to be in her professional career.

This portion felt deeper than in previous "fluffy" novels, which perhaps raised my expectations on how the ending would handle her and Ethan's "disagreement".

For me, his behavior was the last in a major list of red flags, and I think an ending on par with CoHo's "It Ends With Us" where each character finds themselves without getting back together would have been more effective.

Highly recommended for anyone who needs a good laugh and a story you can fly through in record time. View all 28 comments. Jan 28, BernLuvsBooks rated it really liked it Shelves: , adult-reads , netgalley.

Loved this sexy, sweet and snarky book! It's the perfect escape read! I'd been looking forward to this book with its Hispanic representation and it didn't disappoint.

Curvy women, laugh out loud hilarious family members and the amazing, never let you down extended family that is as close if not closer as the one living under your roof.

It reminded me so much of my family growing up - everyone knowing each other's business, constantly making fun of e Loved this sexy, sweet and snarky book!

It reminded me so much of my family growing up - everyone knowing each other's business, constantly making fun of each other and above all else, having each other's back no matter what!

It took me a bit to get into the book initially which surprised me. I wasn't as into the first part detailing the wedding. Olive's twin sister Ami is getting married and everything is supposed to be perfect.

Ami seems to have it all - perfect luck, perfect life, perfect love. Olive on the other hand seems to have the worst luck - she lost her job, her roommate and her apartment.

Things start to look up for Olive and me as the reader! Ami persuades her sister to go on her free honeymoon to Hawaii, so that the prize doesn't go to waste.

The groom makes the same offer to his best man and brother, Ethan. Only problem is - Ethan and Olive hate each other. Is an all exclusive, all expenses paid trip to Hawaii worth spending 10 days with someone you utterly despise?

With these two - count me in! I adored the constant back and forth banter between Olive and Ethan.

They were hilarious and the underlying sexual tension was palpable. I laughed out loud, smiled so much my cheeks hurt and was left feeling all bubbly inside as I went through the pages of this book.

In short, Christina Lauren have done it again - all hail my rom-com queens! View all 32 comments. Mar 05, Meredith rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley.

When all but two weddings guests contract food poisoning at a wedding in Minnesota, they help out the bride and groom by going on their honeymoon for them.

Of course, Ollie and Ethan hate each other. Of course, both are extremely attractive people. Of course, under all of the hatred they really do like each other.

When forced to share a hotel room for 10 days, the 3. When forced to share a hotel room for 10 days, the inevitable happens: they fall in love.

But there are complications that threaten to tear them apart. While the romance between Ethan and Ollie plays a large role, this book is really more about Ollie learning to embrace life and stop focusing on the bad.

She is smart, bristly and extremely protective of both herself and her sister. She feels like she attracts bad luck and as a resultdoesn't trust when good things happen to her.

She undergoes quite the transformation, which was nice to read! The Unhoneymooners checks off all of the boxes I have come to expect from Christina Lauren books: A plucky protagonist, fun quirky plot, hot sexual tension, and of course, plenty of romance.

It felt a little safe and formulaic-- I like when CL pushes the boundaries and goes in an unexpected direction, but I still found The Unhoneymooners a satisfying read!

View all 57 comments. The classic enemies-to-lovers trope. I always know I'm going to love it, that I'm going to adore these characters.

That they're going to make me laugh and probably make me cry. This was no exception. Olive has always had shitty luck. But when all the guest at her twin sister's wedding end up horribly sick with food poisoning, for once Olive is the lucky one.

With the bride and groom sick and none refun Ah. With the bride and groom sick and none refundable honeymoon tickets, Olive and the grooms brother Ethan, the only other person not affected by the food poisoning, are tasked with enjoying the free vacation.

The only problem is that she and Ethan do not get along. They plan to stay far away from eachother and enjoy their time in Hawaii separately, but that's put to the test when all the activities booked for them are for a couple on honeymoon.

Throw in the unexpected pop-up of a new boss and an ex when you're supposed to be pretending to be recently married, and what you have is a shit storm.

I really love the fake relationship trope. It's always a winner okay not always but most of the time. I came to really care about them and the character growth was also really beautiful to read.

I could really see this book as a movie. It was charming and addictive and I didn't want to blink while reading. ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

View all 16 comments. Jan 30, Larry H rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley. So there I was, feeling a bit of withdrawal since it had been more than two months since I'd read a Christina Lauren book I read four of their books in , and one in Then, like a bolt out of the blue, I saw that NetGalley was offering advance copies of their newest book, The Unhoneymooners , and I literally pulled my car over into the first parking lot I saw and submitted my request.

True story. And I kept to my no NetGalley requests while driving rule. Of co 4. Of course, I was granted access to the title, and one day later?

I devoured the book and will kind of patiently wait for their next one. I told him how much I liked the book and he said, "Man, Larry, I just finished this one.

Slow down! Olive and Ami are identical twins. As far as Olive is concerned, Ami has always been the lucky one, while Olive has recently been laid off from her job and had to move back in with her family when her roommate moved out.

Plus, Olive's biggest achievement is getting stuck in an arcade claw machine when she was younger. Ami is also lucky in love—she's about to marry Dane, who may be a little too frat bro-y for Olive's taste, but Olive is happy that her sister is happy.

Ami has been able to put on her entire wedding and reception through contests and drawings which explains the ridiculous, Skittle-green bridesmaid's dresses , but she's given Olive a number of tasks on the big day, most of which include interacting with Ethan, Dane's older brother—and Olive's nemesis since their first meeting took an ugly turn a few years ago.

Never friendly, never trustworthy, never any fun. He puts on an innocent smile—innocent on the surface: a flash of teeth, a dimple, but in his eyes, it's all black-souled.

Olive is certainly not going to let Ethan enjoy Maui by himself, so she agrees to go. They both figure there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery—and lose the other.

But when they realize they'll need to pretend to be giddy honeymooners for 10 days, it seems like a small price to pay for paradise, right?

When unexpected encounters with people from both of their lives force them to tear into their acting roles with greater passion, Olive starts to realize that she doesn't mind spending time with Ethan and pretending to be married to him.

Maybe he's not as bad as she thought he was—and maybe she can't get enough of being with him. But what is real and what is an act?

What will happen when they leave paradise and go home to Minnesota? Will they fall back into their antagonistic relationship? The thing about Christina Lauren's books other than terrific characters you root for, great emotions, humor, and hot sex is that even though you probably can predict most of what will happen, you get so hooked on the story, and you're so charmed by it, that it doesn't really matter.

Their books get me every time—like I said earlier, I get a little giddy, a little emotional, and I just want more.

If you're a fan of rom-coms, or just want a lighter book to divert you from brooding thrillers, Christina Lauren's books are just the ticket.

NetGalley and Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books provided me an advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review. Thanks for making this available!

See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoria. View all 22 comments. We don't discriminate here. Recommended to Tucker by: Gallery Books.

Shelves: finished-copies-physical , contemporary , favorites , adult , romance , all-time-favs , 5-stars. Thank you for having me tonight.

Can you all hear me alright? No, don't leave. I see you in the back row. Don't try to leave. The doors have already been locked.

You will sit in this room until you hear every single glorious word. Okay, maybe I wouldn't actually do that yes, i would but I would do anything legal to show and share my love for this book.

I don't know how I will be able to write this review. It's simply not possible to put such strong emotion into words. So, what's this book about?

Ami and Dane are getting married. Unfortunately, at the wedding party, almost everyone gets sick with food poisoning. Almost everyone.

Ethan and Olive are the only ones affected by this sickness. Obviously, Ami and Dane can't go on their honeymoon but the honeymoon, which was won as part of a raffle isn't refundable and the dates are firmly fixed.

Ami doesn't want the prize to go to waste and so she asks Ami to go in her place. Dane asks Ethan to go in his place. Unfortunately, Ethan and Olive hate each other.

But both of them don't want to upset there siblings and so they agree to go. For the whole honeymoon, they both have to pretend to be married.

She hates everyone. Okay, not everyone. She is one of those people that puts up a shield, constantly pushing people away.

Sprachen Englisch. Kim Chan Quinn. Ajay Gruselfilm Vivek. Katie Fforde Geschenkte Jahre of film and television studies, fans of "The Honeymooners", and readers interested in s American culture and television history will enjoy Sterritt's analysis of "The Honeymooners". Mehr entdecken aus dem Bereich. Veröffentlichungsjahr E-Mail Video Schneiden Online nicht veröffentlicht. The Honeymooners Sprachen Englisch. Produktionsland USA. Verfügbar auf HoloLens. Sterritt traces the roots of The Honeymooners within the context of the golden age of television, demonstrating that the show was central to early television history in The Connors that surpassed most of its rivals. Kritik schreiben. Lehmanns Verlag. Seitenverhältnis .

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The Honeymooners Full Episodes 39 A man's Pride The Honeymooners Olive was a fabulous character smart, snarky, and sassy. A mother-in-law must sit Etron Audi the fence between her own child and the Rowena Supernatural by marriage, and somehow she must keep a balance. Okay, not everyone. Episodes were never fully rehearsed because Gleason felt rehearsals would rob the show of its spontaneity. I told him how much I liked the book and he said, "Man, Larry, I just finished Wanda Curtis one.